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Available as part of the strategy collection.

You are one of the elite few, the warlocks, grand masters of magic sent by a distant empire to an untamed world to take control by magic, diplomacy and force of arms. Will you achieve victory alone or through a coalition or will you fall by the wayside in the shadow of a greater rival's dominance?
  • Randomized world map for replay value and tailored play styles
  • Multiple systems of magic lead to different styles of play. You may draw your magic from places of power, the vibrant landscape, the devotion of your people or other sources.
  • Cast and maintain enchantments on your armies, settlements and the world itself.
  • You manage armies which are based in your cities and fortifications and can do battle in an area around them.
  • Combat occurs in strategic battles where you decide which armies, heroes and apprentices engage the enemy.
  • Summon monsters and cast spells in combat to turn the tide against your enemies.
  • Develop your settlements to improve the lives of your people, allow the population to grow, train better units and accumulate more wealth, prestige and power.
  • Train and manage your apprentices as elite units in battle.
  • Negotiate with your rivals and form lasting alliances because ultimate victory can be a shared triumph.

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Archmagus - Terrain Sample Archmagus - Gryphon