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Strategy Collection

An exciting collection of four strategy games under development. These are turn based games of strategic and tactical decision-making being developed for Windows and Linux with an emphasis on a strong single player experience and replay value.
  • Archmagus casts you in the role of a warlock gathering your powers, training apprentices, cultivating your civilization and raising armies as you compete with your rivals for world domination.
  • The Invasion is a reverse-spiritual-successor to the X-Com tactical games, placing you in the role of the alien commander sent to colonize the Earth and finding it to have a native and advanced civilization you must now conquer.
  • Xenostar is a space conquest game in which you research technologies, configure ships, exploit resources and wage war in tactical fleet battles but also featuring meaningful diplomacy and collaboration with your rivals.
  • Zombie Earth is a tactical survival horror game that places you at the end of civilization when the dead rise and order breaks down, leaving you to gather survivors, scavenge for supplies, and make the tough decisions as you confront the zombie apocalypse.

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Archmagus Archmagus - Terrain Sample Archmagus - Terrain Sample Archmagus - Kobold Model
The Invasion The Invasion - Tactical Map The Invasion - Tactical Map The Invasion - Alien Model
Xenostar Xenostar - Ship Model Xenostar - Ship Model Xenostar - Alien Model
Zombie Earth Zombie Earth - Tactical Map Zombie Earth - Tactical Map Zombie Earth - Zombie Model