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The Invasion

Available as part of the strategy collection.

It was a simple mission to colonize a habitable world, but there is a slight problem this world has a native population and they don't look ready to submit to alien rule. You have the technology if you can just gather the right resources and adapt to the local conditions. Can you complete your mission and become the victorious alien conqueror?
  • Construct ships and send specialists on a variety of missions to gather resources and intelligence while striving to complete your objectives and depart before hostiles arrive.
  • Engage in tactical combat against frightened civilians, would-be-heroes, trained police, military forces and elite global defense agents.
  • Conduct research to adapt your technology and a variety of alien species for use in these conditions.
  • Your soldiers, scientists and other specialists gain experience and improve their capabilities track their progress and give them nicknames if you like.
  • Construct facilities on the moon and secret terrestrial bases to expand your operations, unlock more advanced technologies and reduce the risk of your mothership being detected.
  • Initiate covert operations against political, industrial and military targets to weaken your enemy and pave the way to conquest of the planet.

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The Invasion - Tactical Map The Invasion - Tactical Map The Invasion - Alien Model