Games - Strategy Collection - Xenostar  

Available as part of the strategy collection.

The galaxy is full of life and advanced spacefaring civilizations, some just starting out, some larger and more advanced, with many in between. Your own species is among them, striving to secure its place in the vastness of space. To what future will you lead them?
  • Randomized galaxy map with configurable settings let you choose the experience you want: large or small map, how many rival species are present, etc.
  • Select from a variety of alien races with different characteristics and impact on gameplay
  • Assemble military, commercial and scientific fleets to explore the galaxy
  • Research both incremental and significant advances in technology
  • Configure and name a class of ships and commission construction of them
  • Deploy short and long range defense systems
  • Colonize planets and moons and construct large bases in space
  • Control, exploit and trade rare strategic resources
  • Sign treaties and form alliances both military and economic with other alien species
  • Fight your enemies in tactical space combat and send shock troops to capture colonies
  • Build a network of wormholes and secured jump gates to travel even faster throughout the galaxy

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Xenostar - Starbase Model Xenostar - Ship Model Xenostar - Ship Model Xenostar - Alien Model