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Zombie Earth

From the beginning of the zombie apocalypse to the long struggle for continued survival, you are there to lead. Will you try to rescue everyone even when supplies are limited? How will you manage personality conflicts and disputes that arise? Will you abandon the weak, injured and sick? Will you strive for justice or rule through fear, brutality or coldly practical judgment?
  • The story evolves dynamically according to your play style as you make decisions throughout the game
  • Scavenge for weapons and supplies
  • Choose buildings as hiding places or fortify them as bases
  • Gather survivors under your leadership and assign them responsibilities and tasks
  • Most people have skills unsuited to the fallen world and will need to learn useful abilities
  • Any survivor can practice any skill or teach what they know, but advanced professional skills take years of training to master and can only be found
  • Survivors have different backgrounds, values, wants and needs
  • Some survivors are prepared for combat and the horror before them, while others will not handle it well and may fall to panic, despair, or madness
  • Send scouts to explore the regional map for places of interest
  • Clear an area of zombies and set patrols to keep it that way or warn of an approaching horde
  • With the right skills you may recover lost capabilities such as water processing, power, farming and weaponcrafting
  • New game configuration options allow for varied difficulties and styles of play

Zombie Earth the complete edition has been divided into several smaller titles:
The early access edition of the first of these: "Zombie Earth - The first 100 days" is now available for purchase.

The complete edition is also available for individual pre-order or as part of the strategy collection.

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